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Who's Afraid of Little Old Me - St. Joan of Arc Onesie

Who's Afraid of Little Old Me - St. Joan of Arc Onesie

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 "Who's afraid of little old me?" - Taylor AND St. Joan of Arc

There is nothing better than a world-changing mother/daughter duo. Rock the matching shirt with your sweet little future saint and inspire the next generation of strong, faithful women.

Are you ready for it? Our Eras Collection is for more than just the Swifties in your life. Up until now, your wardrobe was just a Blank Space, waiting for a cool collection to come around that you felt truly represented you and your interests. Now, These cool Catholic shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags are for you to represent the era you’re in with pride. Bonus: with these cool neutrals and timeless fonts, they’ll never go Out Of Style. Whether it’s an era or a lifestyle, this collection will help you rep your Catholic faith All Too Well.

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