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Holy Socks

St. Agnes Adult Socks

St. Agnes Adult Socks

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Step into the legendary tale of Saint Agnes, with our awe-inspiring sock design! Born into wealth in the 4th century, Agnes was famed for her beauty and piety. Despite suitors galore, she remained steadfast in her commitment to Christ, facing persecution under Emperor Diocletian. Miraculously untouched by torture, she ultimately met her fate with courage, martyred at just 12 or 13 years old.

Our sock captures Agnes's story, depicting her innocence with a lamb and her martyrdom with a palm branch. So, slip into these socks and stride with Agnes by your side, for with each step, you're honoring her legacy of purity and unwavering faith!

  • The Largest Catholic Sock Company… probably. 
  • Tens of thousands of people are already wearing our socks.
  • These socks are sure to be a conversation starter and evangelization opportunity.
  • Our socks make great Catholic gifts for all occasions: First Communion, Confirmation, Ordination, Wedding, Christmas Presents, Easter Baskets, Graduation.
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