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Holy Socks

Our Lady of Fatima No Show Socks

Our Lady of Fatima No Show Socks

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In 1917, The Virgin Mary appeared to three young children in the village of Fatima, Portugal.  They described Her as: “a Lady all in white, more brilliant than the sun… indescribably beautiful.” She continued to appear to them on the 13th day of every month from May through October. She came with the promise that God would grant peace to the entire world if Her requests for prayer, reparation, and consecration were met; and so the children went as her messengers to the village. Some believed, others scoffed. However, on the day of her last visit, nearly 70,000 people, both believers and ridiculers alike, gathered and witnessed the Miracle of the Sun! The clouds parted and people watched in awe and terror as the sun danced around the sky before returning to its place in the sky. When the Miracle had ended and the fear subsided, people cheered and celebrated, for they were truly a witness to Mary's miraculous wonders!

  • The Largest Catholic Sock Company… probably. 
  • Tens of thousands of people are already wearing our socks.
  • These socks are sure to be a conversation starter and evangelization opportunity.
  • Our socks make great Catholic gifts for all occasions: First Communion, Confirmation, Ordination, Wedding, Christmas Presents, Easter Baskets, Graduation.
  • Proudly made in the USA by our team in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Each sock’s essential stitches represent the Holy Family: Tan around the inside of the cuff, representing St. Joseph as head and protector of the Holy Family. Blue (outside) and white (inside) representing Mary and Jesus stitched across the toe of every sock. 
  • A portion of production goes to make socks for our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis, IN.
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