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Classic Rock - St. Peter Cephas Youth T-Shirt

Classic Rock - St. Peter Cephas Youth T-Shirt

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When Christ named Peter Cephas—which means “Rock” in Jesus' spoken language of Aramaic—He picked him out for the rockin’ role of the first pope. Wear it. Rock it.

"And I say to you, you are Peter (Cephas, "Rock") and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." (Mt 16: 18-19) Since this time, we have acknowledged Peter as the first pope, the Vicar of Christ on earth; and all popes after St. Peter are his direct, apostolic successors even until Pope Francis today. As representatives of Christ, we believe the popes to teach infallibly on matters of faith and morals. We also recognize the humanity of the popes shared by each of us, as we do with all priests. As such, they are not free from sin, and they maintain their unique personhoodeven the potential personality of a Classic Rock fan. 

Extend the testimony of Saint Peter, Cephas to others, regularly regain your inspiration from St. Peter's example, or exercise generosity by giving a friend the gift of St. Peter's witness to Christ and His Church with this That One Sheep shirt.

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