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Adoration Cling Set

Adoration Cling Set

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Introducing our Adoration Play Cling Set, designed to inspire young hearts in the profound experience of adoration. With cling pieces representing a priest, a monstrance, candles, and more, children can recreate the solemn atmosphere of adoration, learning and simulating its essential elements. Scan the QR code for access to adoration songs, enhancing the experience and deepening their faith connection. Encourage exploration of adoration's beauty with our versatile set, perfect for playtime or educational use.

Cling includes: Altar, Altar Cloth, Monstrance, Candles, Candle Lighter & Snuffer, Incense Thurible, Humeral Veil, Kneeler, Priest, Divine Praises, Tantum Ergo Music Staff, O Salutaris Hostia Music Staff, and (extra) Hosts (in case some get lost!)

For ages 3+.

Cling material works well on glass, refrigerators, or mirrors and is intended to be moved around easily without leaving any residue. 

Sizing: This cling set is printed on an 8.5x11.5 sheet

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